Your child will benefit in many ways from coming to a Totsdance class. It’s not just about dancing around a room. As well as having lots of fun and healthy exercise, at Totsdance the children also learn many other skills including:







Non-verbal and verbal communication

It is also educational in that children learn about new topics each week, gaining new vocabulary, revising colours / numbers regularly and practise important listening skills.

Here are just a few scientific facts which outline the benefits of dance for young children:

Findings suggest that when we sing, clap, bounce or dance in time to music with our young children, these shared experiences of synchronous movement help form social bonds between us. Moving together to music with others encourages the development of altruistic helping behaviour among those in the group.                                            Source: Science Daily

Movement is a fundamental part of music that affects social behaviour positively from a very young age.               Source: The Journal of Developmental Science

When a child is young, learning new things is easier for them. They can adapt and learn more quickly when they are older. So, once a child begins ballet at an early age, they are not only learning a valued art form but also getting trained for life that is ahead of them. Some benefits of ballet for young children are:

They learn to follow instructions

They gain a sense of discipline through learning new positions

They learn co-ordination, balance and how to control their bodies in motion

They are active and get healthy excercise

They become comfortable performers                                                                                                                                       Source: Child Development Institute


We are looking for a part-time ballet / dance teacher to join our friendly team.

If you have a dance background and are great with children, please register your interested by emailing




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